WE Lakewood is a cooperative that guides community growth through collaborative initiatives. We strive to mark the West End of Lakewood as a unique, vibrant, and unified neighborhood.

WE Lakewood’s goal is to engage businesses, residents, and those in our community through events, community involvement projects, and special activities that benefit and connect both businesses and residents. By celebrating our diversity and creating a sense of connectivity, we aspire to shape a bright and thriving future for our homes and community.

We guide the sustainability and vibrancy of West End neighborhood through:

  • Uniting and promoting businesses and community stakeholders for a mutual benefit
  • Shaping the strategic direction of our community‚Äôs future
  • Market and brand our neighborhood to promote new business and public art projects
  • Access grants for community improvement
  • Act as a liaison for community residents and business owners
  • Promoting special events for the community and the neighborhood at local shops and businesses


The West End neighborhood footprint includes Detroit Avenue and Sloane Avenue, from the western most boundary of Lakewood to Cranford Avenue. Residential streets branching off Detroit and Sloane are also included.